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KLENOT Introduction

Considering the critical points of NEA astrometry mentioned above we have decided to extend the Kle¯ NEO programme to fainter objects using a new 1.06-meter reflector equipped with a new and more efficient CCD camera.

The KLENOT project is a project of the KLE¯ observatory Near earth and Other unusual objects observations Team (and Telescope), concentrating particularly on fainter objects, up to a limiting magnitude of mV=22.0mag.. All the observing time belong to our team, this allow us to make changes in the observing programme as necessary.

The KLENOT telescope was being constructed using a 1.06-m primary mirror and a primary focus corrector to obtain a plane field of view approximately 0.55 x 0.55 degrees (33 x 33 arcminutess). This telescope is equipped with a CCD camera Photometrics Series 300.

The hardware and software equipment for this project consists of a local network, servers, PC for operating the CCD camera, PC for instantaneous visual detection and data processing, direct internet connection and software for image processing, data reduction, identification of moving objects, ephemeris calculations and orbit computations.

Light Pollution
Light pollution in the Czech Republic (location of the Kle¯ Observatory arrowed)

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